DonorsChoose Classroom Projects

Here's a list of DonorsChoose Classroom Projects that need funding.  If you could help out any of these projects listed below that would be wonderful!

Teachers, if you have a classroom project listed on the DonorsChoose website that needs funding, feel free to leave a comment below with the link to your project.  

Thank you!

1.  Art Teacher is requesting 100 Sketchbooks for her classroom.

2.  Art Giving Page where art teacher projects are listed and in need of funds. Awesome idea!

3.  Teacher is in need of math puzzles, games and other manipulatives to help make math more hands-on in her classroom.  
Donate to her project through July 14th and have your donation matched when you use code INSPIRE at the payment page.

4.  Teacher is requesting 15 Acer Chromebooks to help her classroom become green and paperless.

5.  Teacher is requesting a Laptop Charging Station to ensure their computers are charged and safely stored at night.

6.  Mid-Atlantic Projects for DonorsChoose Facebook Page

DonorsChoose projects from teachers located in NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA and VW.

7. Teacher is requesting 2 Kindle e-Readers and Multicultural Supplies to help students learn about other cultures.

8.  Teacher is requesting a Contra Bass Bar E - Orff  Instrument for Music Class

9. Teacher is requesting a classroom rug to help make classroom more colorful and comfortable.  High-poverty school.

10. Teacher is requesting a classroom set of books as part of the literature study in her classroom. 

11.  Teacher is requesting basic school supplies for her classroom for the new school year.

12.  Teacher is requesting 20 Dictionaries to help her students learn how to use it successfully as a learning resource. 

 13.  Teacher is requesting an iPad to help her students work on their language skills.

14.   Teacher is requesting 2 Tables and 10 Chairs to have a place to work and collaborate in her classroom.

15.  Teacher is requesting an Apple iPad and 10 Stability Balls to help her students engage themselves physically and mentally in class.

16.  Teacher is requesting 30 pillows for students to rest on during independent reading time.

17.  Teacher is requesting a Writing Center Table to help provide storage space and organization for students writing supplies.

18.  Teacher is requesting 2 Apple iPad Minis to use for improving reading and math skills.
She is also having a contest through July 18th, donate $1 to her project and you will be entered to win a $10 DonorsChoose gift card to go towards the project of your choice.  Winner will be picked July 19th.

19.  Teacher is requesting 2 iPods for her Kindergarten Classroom Listening Center. 

 20.  Teacher is requesting 13 sets of highly engaging books to help them become lifelong readers.

21.  Teacher is requesting basic health supplies for her early childhood special education classroom.  High-poverty, title 1 school. 

22.  Teacher is requesting 30 chair pockets to help keep student materials organized throughout the day.

23.  First-time DonorsChoose Teacher is requesting a classroom rug to provide a comfortable spot for students to learn.

 24.  Teacher is requesting math manipulatives, math games, and dry erase boards to help students understand the Math Common Core Standards.


25. High Poverty School. Teacher is requesting 30 iPad Minis with Cases (one for each child with their family to use before, during and after school) for her classroom.

26.  Teacher is requesting children's books that will help students become more efficient in learning addition and subtraction facts.

27. New teacher is requesting a document camera so students can follow a long while taking notes and not get left behind. Use code INSPIRE at checkout and donation will be matched.

28. New DonorsChoose teacher is requesting multiplication and fraction manipulatives, magnifying glasses, and a student work organizer.

29.  Teacher is requesting incentive charts, stickers for the charts, rewards such as games, and awards to celebrate their successes.


30.  Teacher is requesting 2 Samsung Galaxy Tablets and 2 Protective Cases for easier access to their internet based school math program.

31.  Teacher is requesting engaging books and interactive activities to help students learn about the people and places of the United States.  Teacher is also running a contest, where if anyone donates to her project before her birthday, Aug. 13th, they will be entered to win either a $10 Donors Choose or a $10 Amazon gift card. 2 will be raffled off.  Anyone who donates will be entered to win.

32. Teacher is requesting a writing center table that will support students excitement for writing while organizing the materials needed to produce quality work.

33. Teacher is requesting a laptop to be in the Stock Market game and pencil sharpeners for daily use in the classroom.

34. Teacher is requesting manual sharpeners, new pencils and sticky notes for her classroom.












  1. This website warms my heart during these cold, dark winter days. Thank you for providing so many wonderful oppportunities to beautify our classrooms and better our students. :)


  2. This website warms my heart during these long, dark, cold winter days. Thank you for providing us educators with many amazing opportunities to beautify our classrooms and better our students:)

    Fondly, windycitylisa

  3. New mechandise is always welcome.

  4. Thank you for understanding the needs of teacers.

  5. Hi, I am requesting uniforms for my 30 kindergarten students. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi, I am requesting math materials to support our new math standards that require students to justify their answers and well as the computation that it involved! Thank you so much!

  7. Hi, I am requesting a Chromebook for my 32 third graders. A donor angel is matching all donations for one day until July 11th with code INSPIRE. THANKS for any help!

  8. I am requesting a Chromebook for my 32 3rd graders. A donor is matching donations for one day until July 11th with the code INSPIRE. Thanks!

  9. I am trying to get a classroom set of books & I only have 40 days left ~ still need $425...I would love any help!!!


  10. I am requesting donations to acquire Google Chromebooks for my students to use for collaborative inquiry, research, and writing, and to develop 21st century skills!

    If my project gets funded by August 13th (my birthday!) I will raffle off two $10 giftcards--either DC or Amazon. Anyone who donates to my project is eligible, and the drawing will take place upon funding. Thank you!!

  11. I am requesting tables and chairs for my classroom. Thank you for letting me post my project on here!! :)

  12. I need some extra help! I have been reaching out to everyone with little support! Thank you for helping me out!

  13. I would love some help on my project! I have been keeping my fingers crossed that it will get funded.
    I is for Ipad, K is for Kindergarten DonorsChoose Project

    I am also having a contest right now until midnight the 18th. Every time you donate to my project you will get an entry into the contest. I will choose a winner on the 19th to receive a $10 DC donation to the project of their choose. I hope people take advantage of this! All they have to do is donate a dollar and they could get 10 :)

    Thank you so much,
    Marie Craven

  14. Kindergarten students love to be creative in their writing. Without the proper organization in place, the tools to create can become a nightmare for both the teacher and students. My “We Are Authors” project will turn that nightmare into a DREAM by funding a writing center that has plenty of storage space to organize our writing tools.

  15. Many of my third graders at our Arts-focused school have never had a book of their own. My project will build a high-interest class library from which students can choose books to borrow. I am very appreciative of any assistance. Thank you so much!

  16. I'm asking for math manipulatives, math games, and dry erase boards to help my students understand the Math Common Core standards.

  17. I am asking for iPads for my kindergarten students and their families to use to learn how to read. This is the largest project I have ever written.

  18. I work in a school with a high poverty rate, and my students work for rewards. I am asking for materials used to motivate student achievement such incentive charts, rewards, games, and certificates.

    Whatever It Takes: Increasing Student Motivation

  19. I am requesting 2 Samsung Galaxies (less expensive iPads) with 2 cases. I am already halfway funded but donations seem to have stalled out over the summer...this project expires at the end of September so I have some anxiety about it being completed in time! Thank you for all that you do!

  20. I just made my first donors choose project and would love all the support I can get! I am requesting multiplication and fraction manipulatives, magnifying glasses for taking a closer look at texts and science, and a student work organizer.

    Here is my link -->

    Thank you so much! It is my first year of teaching and slowly going to start gathering things to make it the best year!

  21. Hello all!

    First time poster!

    I am trying to get a Macbook Air for my classroom to integrate Reading and App creation for the English Language Arts curriculum. Students today desperately need to develop 21st century literacy skills. Thank you all ahead of time for letting me share!

  22. Hi everyone!

    First time poster here!

    I am attempting to get a set of graphic novels for my classroom. I teach high school English Language Arts in a Denver suburb. Our school consists of primarily male ELL students. After doing research and surveying my students, we decided that graphic novels would be a great unit for them to study. The books are high interest and will help my students build their vocabulary and reading skills.

    Until September 6th, DonorsChoose will match your donation dollar for dollar using the promocode "SPARK". ANYTHING helps! Even the smallest donations are so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my project with you!

  23. This is an awesome site and thank you so much for letting us post our projects. I teach kindergarten in Flint, Michigan at a low income school. Our students are in need of so much right now. Here is a link to one of my projects:

  24. I'm a 2nd Grade Teacher at a Title 1 School in Fayetteville, NC, and since funds are very limited, I have posted a few projects on Donors Choose. Here is one I would very much appreciate help on! Thank you!

  25. I'm a 2nd Grade Teacher at a Title 1 School in Fayetteville, NC, and since funds are very limited, I have posted a few projects on Donors Choose. Here is one I would very much appreciate help on! Thank you!

  26. I'm a 2nd Grade Teacher at a Title 1 School in Fayetteville, NC, and since funds are very limited, I have posted a few projects on Donors Choose. Here is one I would very much appreciate help on! Thank you!

  27. I teach 1st grade in a Title I school in Idaho. My students are need of chair pockets to help them keep their supplies close at hand because we use tables instead of desks. Here is the link: Thank you!

  28. Requesting science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics project. We are using solar power and building robots.

    Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics project. We are learning about solar power and building robots in our classroom.

  30. I'm trying to raise money for a Lakeshore STEM Bundle for my classroom STEM center. My state has adopted the NGSS standards, which require students to explore engineering concepts, but my school district has not yet adopted new science materials. This project would give my students hands-on opportunities to explore their ideas. Currently my project is on For the next 6 days, DonorsChoose will match ANY donation made to my class if you enter the code LIFTOFF before checkout. If you have the time and the funds, we would really appreciate a donation.

  31. I'm trying to fund 5 Chromebooks and a table for small group instruction.I'm asking for donations of any size to help my kids. For the next 4 days, any donation you make to my project will be doubled (up to $100). If you know anyone who is passionate about education, please pass this along. Your donation will brighten my students' school year, and you'll get photos and thank yous from our class.

    Check out the exciting things we're up to in my classroom:

    To have your donation matched dollar for dollar, enter the promo code LIFTOFF during checkout. This awesome match offer lasts through August 4.

  32. I have 30 kindergarten students this school year I teach in a school considered "highest poverty" in Flint, Michigan and we have such a need for the ESGI software so that I can spend less time on testing and more on direct instruction. If you could please help us out I would greatly appreciate it!

  33. New teacher looking for funding for iPads to use in literacy center for English language learners, special education and regular education students.
    Any support is very appreciated :) Thank you!

  34. I'd love help to fund my project!

  35. My project is for special needs students remedial learning through computer programming. Here is a link, only $87 to fully fund with the match. Please share and assist me get this project funded before it expires.

  36. This amazing teacher needs your help please!! I adore Donors Choose and love to tell new teachers how great this website is. This teacher has never had a project funded and is new to Kindergarten! She's asking for basic supplies and if you are willing to help her I just know you would make her year! Thank you.

  37. In need of secure portable charging ipad crates.

  38. I am looking to create a recording studio for our middle school choir, band, and orchestra ensembles.