Welcome to Teachers Market

My name is Elizabeth and I am the creator of Teacher's Market! I am grateful to be a part of the teacher blog world and hope that you find Teacher's Market a useful resource  that helps you save in the classroom! Teachers can spend so much  out of their own pockets for classroom/school supplies and don't necessarily have the time to find resources to save that I felt Teacher's Market is a need!

I love doing this blog and being able to interact with hard-working teachers on a daily basis! It makes me happy to help teachers save on classroom materials whether it's through winning a contest, getting a great deal or getting a grant! This is satisfying work for me!

I got my degree in Elementary Education and I know how hard teachers work for our children and I just wanted to have a little part in helping them out! Thanks for all you do, teachers! Your work is greatly appreciated even if you don't  always feel it!

I want to invite you, teachers and nonteachers alike to join my website, Teachers Market http://www.myteachersmarket.com.  Here, you will find teacher contests/sweepstakes, giveaways, grants, teacher freebies, office/school supply deals and coupons, and teacher events!  I also try and host regular giveaways here, as well for my blog and facebook followers! Please join me on facebook too, as I post daily of teacher-related facebook contests going on there! I also have a twitter account I try to regularly post on that I would love for you to follow as well!

If you would like to donate a giveaway for teachers at Teacher's Market or if you have any questions, suggestions, or events/contests you'd like added, please email me at utahteachersmarket@gmail.com.

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog! I hope you find some useful content here! :)