Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earn $20/mos. for class supplies through Staples Ink Recycling Rewards...


Teachers, I am including this rewards program in my blog post about how to find cheap school supplies throughout the year, when it's not back to school time, but I couldn't wait to share this with you!

Would you like $20 to spend on school/class supplies each month that is not coming out of your own pockets? Well, Staples has a rewards program that can make it possible.

Through Staples Ink Recycling Rewards Program you can get $2 back for every ink cartridge you recycle there and up to 10 each month! That means an automatic $20 to spend on supplies per month! Awesome right? And that is separate from their Teacher Rewards program, too! So, you think how in the world can I get the $20 without it coming from just me, right?

I found a blogger who has written a blog post about this program and he has set up a Tub'O'Ink fund in his classroom! He uses an empty coffee-type can and labels it Tub'O'Ink. He lets his students know that if they bring in their used up ink cartridges from home, it will help fund their classroom. He also writes up about it on his classroom wishlist page he sends home to the parents. Staples also accepts toner cartridges from Laser printers and copy machines, so you could talk to your school tech person about donating those to your classroom to add on the savings! This is so awesome and I will be spreading this to my local elementary school, too!

Here is the blog article you can read in full detail of how he uses Staples Ink Recycling Rewards program in his classroom and hopefully use it in your own classrooms!

To learn more about Staples Ink Recycling Rewards Program go here

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this! I wonder how you recycle the ink cartridges--do they have envelopes to send them in?