Monday, September 5, 2011

Emailing companies for coupons...

One way in possibly getting coupons for the products you use daily in the classroom, is by emailing the companies to let them how you love their products and use them on a daily basis in the classroom.

I want to do an experiment with you all to see how successful we are with companies in getting free coupons to help save a little with the school supplies we need in our classrooms! I have compiled a list of companies with products that we need & use daily in the classroom a long with their contact pages. If you can think of more, please comment and add them to our list!

A special thanks to for their suggestions, ideas, & some contact info. as well! You have to check out her huge list, not limited to school supplies.

While looking up this topic/endeavor, I have found several coupon sites that have talked about emailing companies for coupons. These are the things they say to put in your emails:

  • Give them your honest opinion about their product, whether you are satisfied or not, they appreciate any feedback!
  • Compliment and be specific! (unless you're emailing to complain, of course!)
  • Make sure they have your contact information, as well.
Here are some great blog posts for your to read about this topic:

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  1. I emailed Zebra Pen a while back to tell them how much my students loved their Cadoozles pencils (they look like regular pencils but function like a mechanical pencil and have awesome designs). I was very honest and told them about how these increased student pride and ownership in their school supplies. Today I received six ten-packs of Cadoozles pencils in the mail! It was completely unexpected but very much appreciated!