Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Formula for Successful Teaching Giveaway from O2 Teach

O2 Teach, the new home of the Seat Sack Company wants to know your Formula for Successful Teaching?!!

Those teachers that tell them will be entered in a drawing each month beginning in May 2012 to receive:

A $250 Gift Certificate to shop at O2 Teach

Ways to enter:

***Send an email to formula@O2Teach.com telling them your formula for successful teaching ideas.  Include your contact information.  or

***Send O2 Teach a card in the mail telling them "Your formula for successful teaching." Include your contact information to:  
PO Box 9732
Naples, FL  34101  or

***Enter on their entry form on the O2 Teach website here.

Entries must be 500 words or less, and must include grade, school name, school address, contact phone, teacher's name and email address.

Drawing will begin in May 2012

What they are looking for:

***Teaching strategies or ideas that may help a student learn a skill or lesson

***School programs that are improving student skills or knowledge

***Education changes that are making a difference in your state, district, school or classroom

***Parent/Teacher groups that are working together to make a distinction in learning at their school   

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