Monday, March 5, 2012

Miss O & Friends / Cupcake Diaries Party Basket Sweepstakes

Teachers, this looks a fun book series for the upper Elementary/Middle School-age girls to read!

Miss O and Friends is having a sweepstakes from now until the end of July where 10 lucky winners each month will win the entire current Miss O & Friends book series. WOW!!

To enter:

Go here first to register.

Then read the first chapter of each book online here so you will know the book and be able to take their Pop Quiz.  When you take their Pop Quiz, you will be able to earn points that turn into entry tickets into their sweepstakes.  The more tickets you earn, the better chances you have to be a monthly winner!

10 Winners are chosen at the end of each month and  will win the entire current Miss O and Friends book series.

Go here to register and learn more about these books!  This sweepstakes ends July 31st, 2012.

Good luck! :)

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