Monday, April 9, 2012

Apply to Receive a Free Super Citizen Program Kit for Your Classroom

Teachers, I consider myself pretty patriotic, so when I saw this offer/opportunity, I was very excited to share it with you!

Liberty Legacy is giving you the opportunity to apply/register to receive their Super Citizen Program Kit ($250 value) for free for your classroom! They will find a donor for you as fast as they can!

With the end of the year coming upon us quickly, as well as this important election year, this kit would work in with your lesson plans very nicely!

To register to receive your free kit, go here.

Alabama Educators, there is an exclusive offer for you, too from Scholastic Insructors Liberty Legacy!

Apply to receive the Super Citizen Program Kit for your classroom and you will also be entered to win an in-school performance from Lady Liberty Live and The Next Great Americans Bus Tour.

Alabama Educators, go here to apply for your free kit and be entered

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