Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nominate Your Classroom to Receive a Free ConservingNow Classroom Kit and a Freebie

With Earth Day coming up this month, I thought it would be perfect timing to let you all know about  Part of their mission is to teach children about the impact of plastic bags on the environment through their classroom kits.  All of their profits go towards providing classrooms with their fabulous kits you see above.

Teachers, you can nominate your classroom to be added to their list of classrooms signed up to receive one of their fabulous classroom kits to help educate your students about preserving our green planet!
They are given on a first come/first serve basis.

To nominate your classroom, go here to their website.  

They also offer a freebie:  You can request a free Static Window Cling for your car. 

To request your free Static Window Cling, go here.

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  1. Thanks, I just submitted, and I'm your newest follower!!