Friday, May 25, 2012

Funagain Games Monthly School Grants

Teachers, we all know that using board games in the classroom can not only be fun but educational for our students!  For some students, using games can be the best way to help them understand concepts and skills.

Funagain Games knows the value of using board games in the classroom and schools and so awards 1 school or library each month a $100 grant to purchase their board games and other products. 

Their grants are open to any school or library located in the U.S.

For a chance to be awarded their $100 monthly grant:

***Write a 300-400 word essay describing how the games would support education, learning and/or community outreach.

***Then email your essay a long with your contact information, including your organization name to

Your essays/applications will remain active for 1 year after submission. 

Grants are good for up to $100 worth of items offered by Funagain Games.  Funagain will pick one recipient on the first day of the month and will be listed on the Funagain website.

To learn the details of their monthly grant and to see their great products, head over to the Funagain Games website.

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