Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NBA Math Hoops Classroom Kit Giveaway

Teachers, we are always in search of resources and innovative ways to make learning math more engaging and fun for our students, right?

Well, I think this brand new program, NBA Math Hoops could do just the trick.  What a clever idea! Using the NBA, which already has a strong influence on youth to help get children excited about math.  

What is NBA Math Hoops?
It's a math board game where teams race against the shot clock to do math correctly for a chance to take a shot with a member of their personally drafted team of NBA and WNBA players.
Also, the game activities are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

NBA Math Hoops will be launching in the Fall of 2012 and  they are having a National Math Hoops Classroom Kit Giveaway, where The Hasbro Foundation will be giving away hundreds of these supplemental math curriculum kits ($300 value) to middle school teachers and after-school coordinators across the country.  But, I think all math teachers should try for it, even if you teach in elementary or high school.

The application deadline to receive a free Math Hoops Classroom Kit is July 2nd, 2012 and it will be in early August 2012 when they announce the recipients.

To learn more about the NBA Math Hoops program, head over here to their website.  To learn more about their Classroom Kit giveaway, go here. To apply to receive a free Math Hoops Classroom Kit, go here.

Also, feel free to follow them on facebook and twitter so you'll be in the know of their news and events.

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