Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elementary Drama Grant from Charlie Lovett

Elementary Teachers!! You're not forgotten either!

Check out the Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama!!!  If you have a school or class play lined up for the new school year, you can apply for a $300 grant to go towards your theater program.

When I clicked on the application, it still says 2010-2011 application form, but on the website he says grants are made on a rolling basis and they do their best to make decisions on grant applications by 30 days after they receive them. 

You might want to contact him first to see if he is still offering the $300 Elementary Drama grants before going through all the application work to make sure it is still offered!

Also check out the Lovett Foundation opportunity here.  Applications are accepted May 1st-August 1st each year and grants are usually made by the end of October.

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