Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Books For Your Classroom From SunnyD

SunnyD has an awesome offer for classroom teachers, kindergarten-7th grade, to help them get books for their classrooms each year.

Collect 20 labels from eligible SunnyD bottles to get 20 books for your classrooms.  

20 UPC Labels = 20 books

Here's how it works, head over to the SunnyD website to download the teacher kit that includes the entry form, letters to send home to parents and a flyer to put in your teacher's lounge.

Then have your students bring in labels from eligible SunnyD bottles.  To see the list of eligible SunnyD products, check it out here.

Once you have collected 20 eligible UPC Labels, fill out the entry form and mail it with the 20 UPC Labels to:

SunnyD Book Spree
P.O. Box 310
Fulton, MO  65251

Their book spree opportunity ends November 30th, 2012.    To learn more and to get your teacher kit to get started, head over to the SunnyD Book Spree Website.

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