Friday, December 14, 2012

FranklinCovey 20% off Educator Discount

Teachers, if you use FranklinCovey products, did you know they offer a 20% off Educator Discount?

What's even better, this discount is not just for in-store.  If you order over the phone, just tell them you're an educator and the institution you work for. They will then set up an account for you where everytime you order, the discount will automatically be applied.

I'm not sure if there are exclusions on their teacher discount, but what a wonderful savings to help you stay organized for the school year.

I just wanted to pass this a long this info. to you in case you weren't aware of it.  Every little bit of savings helps, right?

Head over to the FranklinCovey website to check out their great organizing products.

Happy Savings!

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