Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Giveaways: The Perfect Classroom Incentives

I loved, loved, loved stickers when I was a kid--I collected them and stuck them in my fun sticker book (sticker books are so hard to find anymore :(  I guess kids aren't as interested in collections and especially in collecting stickers these days. (so sad! ;)

Anyways,  I stumbled upon Mrs. Grossman's sticker facebook page yesterday and noticed that she runs several sticker giveaways on her facebook page.  I know stickers are fun incentives for your students, so be sure to follow a long her page to participate in her fun sticker giveaways.

Also, after I subscribed to her newsletter, I was sent an email asking if I would participate in her sticker survey.

Everyone who takes their survey will be entered to win a grab bag of stickers.  That sounds perfect for a teacher, or in my case, a sticker lover, myself.

So, head over to subsribe to Mrs. Grossman's Newsletter and you will then be sent an email to take their survey for a chance to win some fun stickers for your classroom.

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