Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fashion Friday Giveaway Preview: Tote Bag Giveaway

For those of you new to Teacher's Market, Fridays are Fashion Fridays.  I let you know about clothes sales and giveaways going on and I like to run my own fashion giveaways for you teachers as I am able to find them.

Stay tuned this Friday, July 19th for your chance to win this cute Tote Bag (shown above) generously donated by White Plum Boutique.

How fun would it be to win a new bag for the new school year?!!

Also, if you haven't entered last week's Chevron Tote Bag giveaway from So Lola Boutique, head over to last week's Fashion Friday's post to get entered to win it.  This giveaway ends Thursday night, July 18th. So hurry and enter!

A special thanks to White Plum Boutique for providing this cute bag giveaway we will have this Friday, July 19th. I'm excited!!!

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