Monday, July 22, 2013

School Supply Deals for Week of July 21st-27th

Here's the school supply deals for this week, July 21st-27th.  Feel free to add any other great deals you know of in the comments section and I'll be happy to add it!

Don't forget to tell stores you are a teacher when you are school supply shopping.  Also, you can try and Price Match at Walmart and Office Depot (Office Depot is for competitive stores, like Staples and OfficeMax) if they are out of stock.  Also, ask if they will get another shipment in that week.

Staples Weekly Deals:  This is based on my local Staples Store Deals. Head over  here to see your local Staples Deals.

$.25 cent Deals:

***2-pack Sharpie Black Permanent Markers (limit 2)

*** 8-pack Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens (limit 2)

***Staples Poly Cover 1-subject Notebook-70 sheets Wide-ruled

***Really Useful Products 0.14 Liter Storage Bin (limit 2)

$.50 Cent Deals:

***Staples Filler Paper, 120 Sheets, College-Ruled (limit 5)

***Staples Poly Cover Composition Book, 70 sheets (limit 5)

***Bic 2/pack Velocity Gel Pen, black (limit 2)

***$1 After Easy Rebate Staples Multipurpose Paper, 500 sheets/Ream (limit 2 rebates)

***$2 After Easy Rebate Staples Photo Plus 4"x6" gloss paper, 60/pack (limit 4 rebates)

Staples $5 off $30 in-store purchase coupon good through July 27th. Head over here to claim coupon.

Here's the weekly deals for OfficeMax. This is based on my local OfficeMax stores.  Head over here to see your local OfficeMax weekly ad.

$.01 Cent Deals: After $5 min. Purchase

***Single Woodcase #2 Pencils after min. $5 purchase. (first 20 at $.01 cent)

***OfficeMax 2/pack GlueSticks after $5 min. purchase (first 2 at $.01 cent)

***Schoolio 3x5 Index Cards 100/pack after $5 min. purchase (first 5 at 1 cent)

$.50 Cent Deals:

***Sliding Pencil Box (first 5)

***Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To-Go Pack (first 5)

***All Really Useful 0.14 Liter Mini Storage Boxes (first 10)

***Schoolio 1-Subject Notebook, 70 sheets (first 5)

$4.99 After MaxPerks Bonus Rewards OfficeMax MultiUse Copy Paper 10 Ream/Case: You pay $46.99 and get back $42 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards.

OfficeMax Coupon:  Head over to the OfficeMax website to claim a $5 off a $25 or more in-store purchase at OfficeMax.  Good through July 27th.

Here's the weekly deals for Office Depot.  This is based on my local Office Depot  deals. Head over here to see your local Office Depot deals.

$.10 Cent Deals:

***Office Depot Brand 2-Pocket Folders (limit 10)

***Office Depot Brand Eraser Caps, 12-pack (limit 3)

$1 Office Depot Brand Permanent Markers, 5-pack (limit 3)

$2.99 DH-62 Hybrid Wallet Calculator

$10 Swiss Gear Backpacks (reg. $19.99)  limit 3 

Here's the weekly deals for Walgreens.  This is based on my local Walgreens Deals. Head over here to view your local Walgreens Ad.

***$2.99 with card Backpack or Bags

***$.69 cents with card School Supplies: Sharpie Permanent Marker, Plastic Supplies Box, Wexford Filler Paper, Composition Book and 20-pack No. 2 Pencils

***6/$1 with card Wexford School Supplies:  2-Pocket Folders with Prongs, 50 or 80 sheets Memo Books

Buy 1, get 1 free with card Kleenex Tissue, 75, 80 or 160 sheets

Buy 1, get one 50% off with card Post-it Notes or Flags

Buy 1, get 1 free with card Wexford Pens or Pencils

$.99 cent with card Crayola Markers, 10-pack; Colored Pencils, 12-pack; Crayons, 24-pack

Buy 1, get 1 free with card Wexford Binders

Buy 1, get 1 free with card School Supplies

Be sure to check out these School Supply Coupons on the Walgreens Ad this week.

Head over here to view the weekly deals on school supplies at Rite Aid this week.

Target Weekly Deals for this week!  Head over here to view  your local Target deals on school supplies.

$.99 cent Deals: 

***2-count Sharpie Markers

***6-count 1.26 oz. Elmer's Glue Sticks

***12-count Crayola Colored Pencils

***Mead Folders or 70-sheet Notebooks or Composition Books

$9 TI-30 Scientific Calculator

$.25 cent Up & Up 4 oz. Liquid School Glue or 2-count Glue Sticks

$1 Bic 4-count Assorted Highlighters or 10-count Blue Cristal Ballpoint Pens

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  1. Shopko is having a sale of 25% off for teachers this Wednesday!