Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Encore Data Products Classroom Headphone Giveaway

Teachers, we have an exciting new giveaway for you this month! Encore Data Products is the place to go for your classroom headphone needs!  They have an amazing selection of headphones, headsets and earbuds that you should check out.

Encore Data Products also has a weekly headphone drawing where you could win your choice of headsets, headphones or earbuds for your classroom. Be sure to head over this week to get entered to win for your classroom! Just click on their picture icon of your choice to get entered in their giveaway and keep entering each week for a chance to win! They are doing weekly giveaways throughout 2016.

Encore Data Products Headphone Giveaway:

Teachers, I am also excited to tell you that we are partnering with Encore Data Products this month to offer you a chance to win your choice of either headphones, headsets or earbuds for your classroom! The winner will get to pick their choice from the 4 options they are giving away in their weekly giveaway at their website. To enter, please fill out the Giveaway Tools Form below.

Our giveaway is open to continental US and will end in 2 weeks, April 21st and the lucky winner will be announced Friday, April 22nd. Be sure to follow Encore Data Products at their facebook page, twitter page and pinterest!


  1. I think I would probably pick the 25 headsets. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. ENC-CCV Headphones, my class has broken so many headphones this year :(