Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kleenhanz Hand Wipes Teacher Giveaway

Teachers, I am excited to tell you about new sanitizing wipes, (at least they're new to me) that you'll love for your classrooms.

Kleenhanz Wipes are alcohol free saniziting wipes that are perfect for the classroom, home, office and for on the go. These wipes are more gentle on our hands than other wipes.

I was able to review their travel size canisters and let me tell you how wonderful they were to have on hand during our Spring break trip. The canister fits great inside a purse and I kept a canister inside the car for when my kids couldn't wash with soap and water--I just gave them a Kleenhanz wipe to use. These smaller size canisters have 30 towelettes and just perfect to fit inside things, but also great for on your desks, as well. I keep one in my purse for when we're at the store and need to wipe the shopping carts and our hands. They're just very handy to have. I like the smell of the wipes, it's just a nice clean smell. Make sure to keep the lid closed, so the wipes don't dry out, as with all wipe canisters.

Head over to the Kleenhanz website to view all their products. 

Kleenhanz Wipes Giveaway:

Teachers, Kleenhanz has generously donated wipes to giveaway to you! If you'd like a chance to win 6 travel canisters of Kleenhanz Wipes for your classroom, please fill out the Giveaway Tools form below. These travel canisters have 30 wipes inside them. 

Our giveaway is open to continental US and will end in 2 weeks, Sunday night, May 8th. Be sure to keep up with Kleenhanz at their social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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