Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back to School Giveaway With Pentel Of America

Teachers, we have another exciting back to school giveaway for you this month thanks to the generosity of Pentel of America!

Pentel of America has an awesome new campaign, "What's Your Point?"for back to school this month! Pentel feels the pen you choose is as personal as what you write and is encouraging fans to share their favorite quotes or statements on what they are passionate about.

I know this isn't teacher-related, but I am in the middle of doing the Dave Ramsey baby steps and I am really focused on completing baby step three which is getting my family's emergency fund fully funded which is 3-6 months of expenses in savings. My life is so budget-oriented right now that the quote I thought would be appropriate to share is one of Dave Ramsey's. I am really trying to live by this right now.

Teachers, I'd love for you to share images of the quotes you love and try to live by and share them with Pentel of America on facebook using one of their campaign hashtags: #BoldPoint #FinePoint or #ColorfulPoint. You'll have a chance to have Pentel feature your work on their campaign website found here  

Pentel of America Back to School Giveaway:

I feel very blessed that Pentel sent me a backpack full of Pentel school supplies for my review as well as a second backpack full of Pentel supplies to give away to one of you to help out with your back to school supply needs!! Don't we all love giveaways?!!

Teachers, for a chance to win a backpack full of Pentel school supplies for your classroom, you only need to do 1 entry. The only entry is that you share an image of a handwritten quote or statement that you're passionate about a long with one of their hashtags: #finepoint #colorfulpoint or #boldpoint on facebook. After you have shared your handwritten image on facebook, copy and paste the link to your image on facebook in the comments section below and then you're entered to win! 

For 1 additional entry, share your image to twitter a long with one of their hashtags #finepoint, #colorfulpoint or #boldpoint and then copy and paste the link of your shared image on twitter in the blog comments below.

That's it! There's no giveaway tools form for this giveaway, just share a link to your work on facebook in the blog comments below and then you'll be entered to win!

Get 1 bonus entry when you share on twitter and post the link in the blog comments, as well! 

Our giveaway is open to continental US and will end in 2 weeks, August 21st. I will use to pick the lucky winner!

 A huge thank you to Pentel of America for letting me be part of their shareyourpoint campaign for back to school this month and providing an amazing giveaway prize here at Teacher's Market!