Monday, November 12, 2012

Crayola Mail-In Rebate: Save Up to $38 on Crayola Products

Wow, wow, Wow!  Crayola has a mail-in rebate offer right now where you could save up to $38 on Crayola products.  I love rebates.   
Any opportunity to save on materials you use in the classroom is wonderful and if you are able to grab any of these Crayola products on sale in the next few weeks then you'll be saving even more.  Every little bit helps!

Buy any of these Crayola products by December 31st, 2012 and get money back by mail when you fill out their Rebate Form found here.  Mail in your rebate form along with the UPC codes from the packages and your original receipts by January 15th, 2013. Make sure you follow all their instructions.

Digital Light Designer--Get $5 back by mail

Crayon Maker--Get $3 back by mail

Glow Book--Get $3 back by mail

Glow Board--Get $3 back by mail

Glow Dome--Get $3 back by mail

Jewelry Boutique--Get $3 back by mail

Color Wonder Light Up Paint Palette--Get $3 back by mail

Marker Airbrush--Get $3 back by mail

Sketcher Projector--Get $3 back by mail

Light Sketcher--Get $3 back by mail

Ultimate Art Supplies--Get $3 back by mail

My First Crayola  Color Me A Song--Get $3 back by mail

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